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A Rainbow Warrior's Guide

It is time for you to remember who I am. Many have forgotten about me, but it is prophesized that you would do this. One day when the Earth has been ravaged and the animals are dying, I will send all my warriors, of all colors, nations, and directions. They will, by their actions and deeds, teach you how to know me again. They will help you to see that you have been living outside of my circular reach. They will help you come back to the center.

When you remember me, you will know why your medicine is not working. You will discover why your food is plenty yet void of nutrition. You will see why the trees, the animals, and the land is dying. You will never forget that the land is blessed and together we will make the Earth green again. Come journey with me.

People of the land used to walk with me, sacred in manner and matter. I am ancient yet I am new. I come from the natural world where all is connected, the anchor of health, healing and ceremony of all things. Circular in motion and moving like the Sun, I give alignment to all forces of nature, a gift to you, a sacred map to follow, your life guide.

We start in the East where the morning sun breaks. Where Eagle flies in the yellow sky, Red Tail soars above fire and desire. It is where spirit begins, the morning light, warmth on your face. Where dew draws from the sacred tobacco and the smoke rises. Limbs of trees are hollowed out and breathed into bird song. It is where everything begins. Renew yourself here. Wendeyaho (bless the morning).

Now, look West into the land of mystery. Meet Raven and Bear. This is the Elder Land full of knowledge and sage. Sometimes you can hear Rattlesnake calling. Look for me here for guidance and intellect. This is where Shaman perfects his trade. In this direction my color is dark as obsidian. This is harvest time, autumn reflection, feast. From the sea comes Salmon. Before the setting sun warriors dance here. Listen for the drum. Echoes of a heartbeat bring us all together as one. Wiwanke Wachipi (Sun Dancer).

Look to my South. Rabbit medicine and the ability to change fast are here. This is where all water flows and my color is red like pipestone. Because the rabbit is here, so is Wolf and Coyote. Beware of Shapeshifter who plays with emotion. This is summer where all things grow. Learn how to trust and be innocent. The turtle will show you the way to the sacred sweetgrass, shielded from hurt, jealousy, and envy here. Mickinock Mishkiikii (turtle medicine).

The stars in the sky will guide you to the North. This is the land of Buffalo, the old north. Here, Mother oversees rest and clarity of mind and spirit. The Hawk flies between the lightning and thunderstorms. Air is my element as white as snow. You need strength here to rest or join the spirit world. Protection and medicine are found in the tall stands of cedar. Wrap yourself in fur and drink from the maple tree. This is the land of the Anashinabe (first people). It is where all things die and rest. Dakaasin (cool wind).

There is a lot to learn again in me, but I am easy to follow. I am the flow, the heartbeat, the beauty and the song. I am Medicine Wheel, Sacred Hoop, Circle of Life, Sacred Tree. When the Earth is damaged, then so are we. Live not in disease, drought and famine. You have a choice to live and be free. Accept you have been given the gift to be the steward of Earth and a voice of its song. It will come so naturally. My warriors are among you to show you the way. Look for me as a symbol or a beacon, a circle of yellow, red, black and white, adorn as a necklace or hanging in a house. You may have never seen me before, but have you ever looked? The prophecy says,” The warriors will come and teach everyone the way of living a circular life. “The time is now for you, Rainbow Warrior!